I thought it would be useful to have a page where you can find all the resources I am using day after day to invest my Bitcoins. This include all the websites, books, courses and other resources that I am using to make investments and learn more about Bitcoin. I recommend that you bookmark this page so you can have a quick reference for your own investments. Let’s dive in!

A quick disclaimer: some of the links that are contained in this page are affiliate links. Following them means no additional costs for you, and that I will earn a commission if you are purchasing some of these products. I have tested all the products of this page myself, and I won’t recommend them if I didn’t think they are great and will help you for your investments.

Lending Websites

I listed below my three favorite websites for Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer lending. As part of my diversification strategy, I always try to have my assets split between these three websites.

  • BTCJam: My favorite website for lending Bitcoins. This is the first website I ever used to invest my Bitcoins, and over the years it grew into a reliable and very professional website where several loans are created & repaid every day. The annual returns are also great, around 20% on average for the investors present on the site.
  • BitLendingClub: A solid alternative to BTCJam. The website also proposes a good collection of loans to invest in. The average annual return for investors is also close to 20%.
  • BitBond: My third favorite Bitcoin P2P lending website. They are constantly innovating to propose a better experience for investors & borrowers, like an auto-investing features that automatically invest the received interests back in new loans.

Cloud Mining

  • Mining Profits: A very useful online calculator to know how much Bitcoin you can expect for a given hashing power. It’s especially useful to calculate the ROI on a given cloud mining investment.
  • Cloudmining 101: An interesting thread on the Bitcointalk.org forums, with a simple formula on how to access the risk of a cloud mining website being a Ponzi scheme or not.
  • Genesis Mining: A nice website for cloud mining. You can directly buy mining power, which are pieces of computing power available for a given sum of money. They also guarantee a daily payout, and the site has a great interface that’s really easy to use.