My Bitcoin Investments Returns for Q4 of 2014
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My Bitcoin Investments Returns for Q4 of 2014

In order to encourage more and more people to use their bitcoins as an investment vector, every quarter I publish a report showing the total returns that I made via my invested bitcoins.

As this is the first report of this kind on the website, you will note that the returns are not amazing. Indeed, I started a brand new account at my favorite lending website, BTCJam, to illustrate my investment strategy. The goal is that anyone following the advices found on this blog can follow along by using similar numbers.

Some notes on this table:

  • I always publish my returns in Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. Yes, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates, but it would be a nightmare to report the gains in a fiat currency.
  • The account values are given by my personal spreadsheet that I use to track my Bitcoin investments. This is not the money I have available in Bitcoin, but the total number of bitcoins including the money already invested in loans or on cloud mining websites.
  • Deposits are the money I actually injected into the accounts during this quarter.
  • The Net Interest column is the most important one, as this is the money I actually made during this quarter.
  • The 12 months return is the return I got on my investment (also called yield) that I got during the last 12 months. Here, it is an estimated returned based on this quarter performances.


As this is the first report I publish on this site, the returns are not huge yet for this new investment account on BTCJam. At the date this article was written, the total return for this quarter in US dollars was around $24. However, we can already see that the yield is quite good, with an estimation of 18% annually. However, a lot of loans were active when this report was written, so I expect much better returns during the next quarter.

What’s Next

The next step is of course to continue investing the gains from this basic account on BTCJam, to get better returns in the next quarter. I will also diversify my investments by injecting the gains from this account in different lending websites than BTCJam, and also into cloud mining investments.