How To Use BTCJam to Invest Your Bitcoins

One of my favorite way to invest my bitcoins is using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, which means lending money directly to individuals. Basically, it means you are playing the bank to help people realise their projects. In return, people pay you back on a given schedule, and you earn interests at each payment. Many of this kind of lending websites already exist for more traditional currencies, for example LendingClub or Prosper for dollars.

But it’s also possible to do so using Bitcoins, and in this article I will show you how to do that using a website called BTCJam. There are some of these bitcoin lending websites out there, but BTCJam is my favorite by far. We’ll see what it is exactly, how to get you started, and how to make your first investment over there. Let’s get started!

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Why You Should Invest Your Bitcoins

For many people, investing in Bitcoins is the end of the road. People buy some Bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies like Litecoins) and then just store them in a secure wallet, hoping they would get value over time. But that’s a dangerous move. In fact, at the date this article was written, the price of Bitcoin compared to USD has been falling down over the past few months. On the other hand, you also have people that mine Bitcoins with huge computing power, only to sell them immediately for cash after that.

In this article, I want to show you that there is much more you can do with your Bitcoins, by investing them in different ways. We’ll see the main reasons why you should invest your Bitcoins, and how to avoid the risks that come with Bitcoin investing. Let’s dive in!

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