SBI 3: Interview with Radoslav Albrecht from BitBond

Welcome to the third episode of the Smart Bitcoin Investment podcast! If you are reading this blog regularly, you know how much I like Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer lending as a way of investing bitcoins. This is why I am so excited to share this episode with you. Indeed, in this episode I interviewed Radoslav Albrecht, who is the CEO of BitBond, a popular Bitcoin P2P lending Platform based in Berlin, Germany.

During the interview we go through many topics related to Bitcoin lending, for example why is Bitcoin is great tool for investors & borrowers, compared to fiat currencies like US dollars. We also discuss how to avoid the usual issues that investors can face when lending bitcoins: how to limit the risk, and also how to protect yourself from Bitcoin volatility.

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SBI 2: How to Create Passive Income With Bitcoin

I am really happy to publish the second episode of the Smart Bitcoin Investment podcast!

In this episode, I focus on the core of the topic of Bitcoin investment: how to create a passive income stream just by using bitcoins. You will learn what I mean exactly when I talk about investing bitcoins (and no, I am not talking about buying & holding, or day trading!).

You will also learn about the different ways that I use personally to create passive income streams using my bitcoins. As always, please leave some feedback about the show, it helps me a lot to come up with even better episodes in the future!

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SBI 1: Introduction to the Show & What to Expect

I am really happy to publish the first episode of the Smart Bitcoin Investment podcast!

In this very short episode I wanted to introduce myself, say some words about Bitcoin investment, and also say what’s coming next.

In the future, the shows will have a more structured format, and will each be focused on a given topic about Bitcoin investment. I will also have guests coming in the show to share their view on how to invest bitcoins.

My Bitcoin Investments Returns for Q4 of 2014

In order to encourage more and more people to use their bitcoins as an investment vector, every quarter I publish a report showing the total returns that I made via my invested bitcoins.

As this is the first report of this kind on the website, you will note that the returns are not amazing. Indeed, I started a brand new account at my favorite lending website, BTCJam, to illustrate my investment strategy. The goal is that anyone following the advices found on this blog can follow along by using similar numbers.

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